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# Name Gender Age 1st Position 2nd Position Bats Throws Profile # Images
1 Fardin Talha Male 14 Center Field Right Field Right Right 16
2 Dylan Koenig Male 17 Pitcher 1st Base Left Right 15
3 Jacob Armes Male 11 Pitcher 3rd Base Right Right 14
4 Kyle Filby Male 14 Pitcher Left Left 13
5 Brendan Damiano Male 17 Pitcher 1st Base Right Right 12
6 David Nam Male 11 2nd Base Catcher Right Right 11 Photo for Profile
7 jacob easley Male 15 Right Field Left Field Right Right 10 Photo for Profile
8 Chris Russo Male 17 Catcher Catcher Right Right 9 Photo for Profile
9 Sean Orso Male 16 Right Field Pitcher Right Right 8
10 Anthony Ciavarella Male 18 Pitcher Right Field Left Left 6 Photo for Profile
11 Jamil Vanheyningen Male 13 Pitcher Short Stop Right Right 2 Photo for Profile
12 Jermaine Vanheyningen Male 13 Catcher Short Stop Right Right 1 Photo for Profile

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